Saturday, 21 December 2013

70s Saturday Sci-Fi Scans

I was pretty sure there would be something Christmas themed in our collection - no luck. Not even a cheesy kids book where Santa saves Martian reindeer or something like that. But I did remember a cheesy kids Christmas special from the 70s. Hint: trivia ahead!

It's all too easy to link to the fabled Star Wars Christmas special (just like that!). Truly an awful, unwatchable show. The one part of the special that is often praised is the cartoon that introduces Boba Fett. Han Solo's squished in face aside, do you know why it's the best part? Because it's Canadian! The ten minute short was made by Nelvana, a studio notable for producing lots of service cartoons like Babar, Care Bears and more in the 1980s. But as I said before, there won't be a groovier time again like 1970s, when creative people had incredibly free rein. There's no other way to explain the existence of...

A Cosmic Christmas

There's no Santa, but there are a trio of intergalactic wise men who come to Earth to learn about the meaning of Christmas. Rendered in mostly black and blue, it's not very festive, it's actually kind of strange, but at least the sweet voice of Sylvia Tyson chimes in for a couple of short songs. I didn't watch it enough to feel nostalgic about it as an adult, but if it weren't for YouTube, I would have thought it was something I just totally imagined as a five year old!