Saturday, 17 August 2013

70s Saturday Sci-Fi Scans

Long before we were married, I discovered this gem on Mr. Potenti's bookshelf and was actually quite excited. There was a lot of press about this author and the Internet subculture that sprang up around his works in 2000. If you guessed John Norman, take a look at...

Hunters of Gor

Three lovely women were keys to Tarl Cabot's career on Gor, Earth's orbital counterpart. 

They were,

Talena, daughter of Gor's greatest ruler and once Tarl's queen.

Elizabeth Cardwell, who had been Tarl's comrade in two of his greatest exploits.

Verna, haughty chief of the untamed panther women of the Northern forests.

HUNTERS OF GOR finally reveals the fate of these three - as Tarl Cabot ventures into the wilderness to pit his skill and his life agianst the brutal cunning of Gorean outlaws and enemy warriors.

It pleased me greatly because this was back in the day before proper ebooks existed. If you wanted a copy, you had to hope to find one online and wait a couple of weeks. Finally I could read the author's words instead of just reading opinions. I found the writing a little stilted and the story pretty standard men's adventure fare. Unfortunately this copy of the 1974 story has seen a lot of wear and tear.

Personally, I expected a lot more to the cover than this. Picture a Frazetta like landscape with a maiden clasped to a warrior's leg, that kind of thing. Or, more befitting the plot, a showdown with a Red Sonja like swordmaiden. And there's so much wasted space above the heads of the figures. Instead, Verna looks more dour than defiant, and Cabot's hairstyle makes it seem possible his parents were hoot owls.