Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Tea for Tuesday

The best thing about working downtown in summer are all the free samples. Well, maybe not for the poor university students hauling giant bags of potato chips, dispensing coffee from giant backpacks, or, as I saw today, dressed in zentai suits to promote a radio station. Somehow a group of people in a human rainbow reminded me that I had samples of Four O'Clock tea from back in May. Silly brain!
It's always four o'clock somewhere!

Even though it was 32 C in our house tonight, it's never too hot for tea. I ripped open the licorice spice and the scent of it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I boiled some water and hoped it would be just as delicious. Licorice tea has always been somewhat of a turnoff. The Ten Ren brand from the Asian supermarket has very little body, and Stash's version has an odd, glue like taste (although, trust me, I don't know what glue tastes like). If the Stash brand sits too long, it develops a sharp, nasty taste.

Four O'Clock did not disappoint. Apparently all the ingredients are fair trade and organic, and maybe this is why it was so rich and tasty. So smooth, not bitter at all, and it really was a rare treat for the taste to match the fragrance. Four O'Clock only seems to be sold in health food stores, so I'll need to make a special trip to find some. I'm sure the rooibos chai will be just as flavourful and fantastic.