Saturday, 30 November 2013

70s Saturday Sci-Fi Scans

Whoops, today's book is actually from 1983, but I just love the cover so much! It's funny how every decade has it's own tell-tale style, but the author, Ardath Mayhar, started writing science fiction in the 70s and perhaps that's when she found her own...

Khi to Freedom

For Hale Enbo, servitude promised freedom! He loved his life as a planetary scout, indentured to the alien Ginli, travelling throughout the universe, finding and befriending the myriads of intelligent life forms.

Until he discovered what his masters were really after.

Until he found one of his new friends staked out on the Ginli vivisection table...

Eeek! I'm keeping this one out to read because it looks very promising. In case you're thinking that Ardath Mayhar is the most made up name ever, it's not. It does fit the SF&F checklist though: punny title, fantastic sounding name, exotic female alien life forms. Cover artist Steve Hickman even managed to sneak a breast in there. Really though, this is the kind of cover that makes an art teacher swell with pride. At least one of my students was paying attention. he or she might think. I love how the arms of Hale, alien and the tree match, just as the two also match with her tail. Warm colours advance, and a little yellow and purple make some interesting browns. See, I paid attention too in class!