Saturday, 9 November 2013

70s Saturday Sci-Fi Scans

To be honest, I'm not sure why I picked today's cover. It reminds me of one of those times in art college where myself or a classmate had to pin up a particular dud of a work. Either the class struggled to find something to say or the student stumbled through a poorly thought out explanation. Which is how I, as humble blogger, feel about...

Twilight at the Well of Souls

Twilight at the Well of Souls

This is the way the world will end...

The rift in the fabric of space was fast approaching the Well World, and time was running out. Troops all over the planet were gathering for the final battle.

Nathan Brazil and Mavra Chang somehow had to reach the Well of Souls in time to save the universe before any of the hostile natives managed to kill them.

At best, a difficult mission. At worst, impossible - especially since there was a price on Brazil's head and many would-be claimants! For Brazil, the difficult was but the work of a moment - the impossible would take a little longer!

Well, it has orange and blue. It has a I supposed to be looking down at a pit or is something exploding? Another thing I remember from art college is my crazy drawing teacher who occasionally said one sane thing for every five insane things. One of her sane tips was that artists can't always be standing by their work, ready to deconstruct it for every viewer. Same goes for books that want to be sold. If I didn't know who Jack Chalker was, I would totally judge this book by the cover and pass.