Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Tea for Tuesday

So when I went back to school, I took a class on material culture without really knowing what it was about - I just needed to fill three credits somewhere. In a nutshell, it's the relationships between people and objects. There's some objects that are universal...such as cups, and I added yet another one to my collection. I had no willpower when it came to purchasing a Keep Cup from the indie coffee kiosk at the farmers market. I had been wanting one for some time, but the colours were just horrible, mostly grey, peach, blue and green. Nothing bright and vibrant that shouted to the world "This is Jill's cup, hands off!" (see, material culture, right there!).

As it happened, the coffee kiosk had just gotten a new shipment of cups and I went nuts digging through a box that the supplier left. "He said that all these colours sold well in Australia, but Australians have terrible taste, because none of these are selling," the clerk said as she helped me.

I nodded as I mixed and matched the cups and lids. I loved a dark purple and green combo, but realized it looked a little too much like it belonged to kid. Ahem! Navy blue definitely had a more grown up flair. And speaking of kids, the Keep Cup was inspired by the sippy cup the inventor gave to her daughter. You can be forgiven for thinking that it does indeed look like an adult sippy cup.

The best part is the well designed lid and the plug for the sippy hole. Many a reusable mug has left me splashed and disappointed. It's not rocket science - maybe it's just that most cups are not designed and tested by actual coffee lovers. Oh, and if drinking out of a plastic cup leaves you aghast, your drink will not taste like plastic in this cup at all either.