Saturday, 26 October 2013

70s Saturday Sci-Fi Scans

All rightey, I have put down the pen and the spirograph and am back in fine form. This week's entry is a doozy! Science fiction isn't just about imagining the future or imbuing it with fantasy - sometimes it's about one man's manly science fiction fantasies, such as...

Hook: The Virility Gene

The illuminated cube lit up with the scattered lights, looking like a handful of diamonds strewn carelessly across a velvet backdrop. Hook easily picked out the Jarhed system - any almost normal F-type sun and ten planets, with only three suitable for human habitation: Rondelle, Pheruchia, and Shyle.

Within that system, specifically on Shyle, Ryder Hook knew an inter-galatic "gold rush" was happening. The virility gene - once highly prized and more precious than any other substance in the universe - was being claimed and mined by all takers. Its source, once intensely guarded, and now, revealed, was being ravaged. Every form of intelligent life knew that the virility gene not only increased, but also prolonged, sexual pleasure.

Hook eagerly journeyed to this weird planet to stake a claim. But the joyous, potentially profitable events took a disastrous turn for the worse when he uncovered the gene's true source - and his arch-enemies, the Boosted Men, arrived to manipulate the powerful secret of the gene for their own evil ends.

I wish this cover was in better shape, and I suppose the title alone made it well read. I have to wonder if this 1975 book is a nod to 1967's Logan's Run - in the book version, Logan is tormented by women who give him a dose of something called Everlove. At least it's communicating all the right things - action! space! babes! Now if you're thinking Tully Zetford is the least manly name ever, it actually belonged to Kenneth Bulmer, who passed away in 2005. Apparently he was quite fond of pseudonyms as Wikipedia lists just over a dozen. It's easy to see why, because not only is this book has clunky named things, it also has bad steamy prose:
He stopped by a damak-velour couch. He did not release his hold upon Iola. She stood looking up at him, her eyes meeting his, her breath soft and sweet. Slowly, feeling the magnitude of the occasion, Hook bent. He kissed her. He kissed her and he felt the fires flickering all along his limbs and devouring his body. She responded. She was the flame. He held her to him and put a hand on her white gown and she put her slender hand on him and pressed. He could feel her heart beating. She moaned and her lips grew hot and soft under his.