Wednesday, 23 October 2013

World of Whirls

This blog may need to be retitled if this keeps up. I have been more absorbed in making spirals than gazing at my navel this past week. Maybe it's because the drawings gaze back. Behold! 

I think this one is definitely book cover material:

The right tools make all the difference, and fancy art paper and all my pointy felt pens produced awesome results. The only downside is overlapping an area too much with a marker wets and wears the paper. I didn't have to hold the frame down so hard though as the pens swept along the shapes. Part of it is that I'm a lefty - lefties push the pen against the paper instead of pulling it across like righties. So I swung by a stationary store and bought some Papermate Inkjoy pens. A bag was ridiculously cheap ($1.99!) and they flow so sweetly. I would have killed for these pens as a teenage doodler, because nothing says "Math sucks!!" like "Math sucks!!" written in eight different colours in the margins :-D