Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Tea for Tuesday

Much like the several farmer's markets around town, we are total suckers for import stores. We always end up spending too much, but it always seems like money well spent for the pleasures they bring. Whether it's the big Asian supermarket or the quaint German store with schnitzel to die for, we can't resist. A couple of weeks ago we paid our first visit to a long running Italian store called Lina's, which has a cozy cafeteria. It was hopping and all the tables were covered in crumbs from crusty buns. We had homemade lasagna and Oraginas, and after that, a giant focaccia, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and jam found their way into the cart.Then I found heaven- the smart people at Lina's stocked the tea and biscuits next to each other!

Tea time isn't complete without a little something something. Most mass made cookies are pretty pathetic these days. Peek Freans haven't tasted good since Kraft took over and cheapened them. But these Trancetto cakes I found at Lina's were lovely, just perfect and not overly sweet. Clipper's Earl Grey tea by Clipper is a bit too citrus for my taste, but still pleasant. I just add a bit of Yorkshire Gold to give it more body.

These new treats required the most special tea cup in my collection. It was part of a set that was a gift to my granny from her first husband - apparently he walked miles to get it for her. The set has blue, green and yellow siblings; all four now belong to a granddaughter. It's so dainty and probably stronger than it looks, but I still have to be careful that it doesn't end up in the dishwasher by accident!